My Favorite Christmas Present Ever!

I got this collage from my son for Christmas.  It is a collection of pictures of the first litter we ever fostered, Sugar and her five Chi-beagles.  (I am glad to report that every single one  of them found their forever homes before Christmas!) My daughter helped with picture selection and finding the frame but my son paid for it all himself!  It is the best Christmas present ever!!!  And yes, I cried!!!


Missy Pictures

Missy is doing fantastic!  She is a spoiled little princess and deserves every second of it!!  We have settled into a very nice every three-hour schedule. 3, 6 ,9 and 12 – night and day time. 

So much nicer than the on demand schedule when they were sick or the every two-hour schedule.  Neither of those ever really settled into anything predictable. 

But now I am actually getting a bit of sleep and we are all a bit more relaxed.  The tension caused by not knowing if Missy would live has faded and now we are enjoying having her here. 

She came to use as a tiny pup of 3.8 ounces.  We had gotten her up to 4.0 when she got sick.  Then she went down to 3.7.  I am happy to report that this morning she weighed in at 4.2 on an empty tank before breakfast!  She is  back on her bottle and off the syringe.

Here are a few recent pictures to  enjoy! Click to enlarge them and get a slide show!

PetSmart Princesses!

Minnie left, Tabitha right

I have been so involved with Missy that I have been remiss in my reporting on the Kitten Sisters Tabitha and Minnie.  They had a wonderful Christmas and received a big stocking full of fluffy, noisy, chewy cat toys and treats. 

Then they were promptly whisked off To the adoption center to get fixed and ready for the PetSmart adoption event this weekend.  They are the cutest ones there so go down and take a look!  They are both very well behaved, they like dogs, and are cuddlers once you gain their trust.

Christmas Morning

They were the easiest foster job we have had thus far.  My husband and son were not allowed to sit in front of the television without a kitten in their arms.

A word to the wise:  If you adopt Tabitha she is now addicted to NCIS, Myth Busters, and Psych!

The Big One OH!!

Today Missy (AKA Missy Moo, AKA Miss Piggy) is the Big 1-0!!  10 days that is – not years!  It seems like I have had her forever but it has only been one week.  One week of ups and downs and tears and laughter and joy and sorrow.  But very little sleep.  So very little sleep.

She is doing well.  She fluctuates between 3.8 and 4.0 ounces.  Not sure why.  We feed her every three hours and always top her off.  She has a good appetite and is starting to be more “puppy like.”

She is trying to hold her head up and balance on her legs.  I even found the tickle spot on her tummy that makes her back foot thump with joy.  She loves to have her ears scratched.  Rub her chin and she will squeal if you stop! 

She seems to be adjusting to the loss of Lambie.  Wish I could say the same for myself.  I am still hurting.  Yes she is in a better place, but I miss her little face and her tender peeps.  Missy is keeping me busy though. 

The other day as I folded “her” towels, blanket, and wash clothes and packed “her” baby bag, and took her out of “her” wicker bassinette I realized – I am her mother!  She has all the trappings of a “real” baby, bottles, formula, blankets, toys, crib, baby bag, and sleep deprived parents.

We don’t call her “the puppy” we call her “the baby.” As in, “watch the baby for me for a second I have to run to the bathroom.  Or, “when was the last time you fed the baby?” 

My daughter has expressed an interest in adopting her, that is if I can find it in me to let her go!  Either way I think we are out of the woods.  I hope we are.  I pray we are.  She is one loved little girl, that’s for sure.

One More Time

Missy on top, Lambie on bottom.

One more time. The answer to the question, “How many times can you survive your heart breaking?”  One more time.

I have sad news to report.   Wednesday was a good day for Missy and Lambie.  But Wednesday night was not.  They began to fuss and cried a bit.  By morning they had stopped eating and started peeping.  Did you know that baby dogs sound like little mice or baby birds when they are only days old?  They peep like birds and squeak like little field mice.  Lambie in particular seemed to not be feeling well.  When the diarrhea started I called the vet and we were there an hour and a half later. 

The doctor had warned me that puppies that young who had nursed for only three days off a sick mother would be prone to intestinal infection.  He also warned me that bottle fed pups could go down hill alarmingly fast.    

Lambie, being the smaller of the two, got sick very fast.  She got a shot of antibiotics and they tube fed her.  She seemed to rally.  Missy was not as bad.  She got a shot as well, and a tube feeding, and she was miserable.  She cried the whole way home.

I stayed up all night watching them both.  They cried but seemed comforted when I cuddled them.  I continued to tube feed them and they seemed better with each feeding.  Lambie seemed better and went to sleep gently peeping with each breath, almost like a tiny snore.  She went to sleep and did not wake up.  What I had taken for improvement was not.  She passed about 5:30 in the morning.

Lambie left, Missy right.

I can not tell you how badly my heart was torn.  I had tended to this little angel for days.  Hand feeding her, tube feeding her, cleaning her, keeping her warm and safe.  It was as if I had lost a child.

Missy had a fitful night but woke with an appetite.  She continues to eat heartily now.  It seems the antibiotics were administered in enough time to help her.  But the poor dear is a cuddler.  She misses her sisters and her mother.  She has taken the loss of lambie very hard.  She peeps and searches for her in her crib.  I had to place a small stuffed toy dog in the crib with her so she could cuddle with it for solace.  It is sad to watch.

She has continued to improve all day today and seems to be back to her old self.  I have held her and cuddled her as much as I could.  Perhaps when her eyes open the sight of us will comfort her as well.  It is hard to be blind and deaf and not able to find the warm bodies that you cuddled with before. 

It just breaks my heart.  But I carry on – no time for tears.  One sweet baby left, three sweet angels in heaven with their Mommy.  Team Snowie carries on.

Missy is strong, has a good appetite, and is sleeping soundly with her new stuffed friend. 


We could both use your prayers if you are of a mind to send them up for us.  She is lonely and I am heartsick.

The Unwanted Puppy Page

When people say “What can I do to help?” the Unwanted Puppy Page comes to mind.  It is a prime example of how a little creativity and a lot of heart can rally a community together and turn it into a force for good.  As Robert has proved, you don’t have to start your own facility to proudly support the rescue organizations that are already in place!

Robert, the man behind the page, is a volunteer at the local SPCA.  He takes pictures of animals needing homes, supports the local no-kill rescue organization (Rescue The Animals) and even fosters animals (in his spare time!).   Even though he is not a plump man, he donned a red suit and played Santa at PetSmart during a recent adoption drive. 

Robert is the kind soul who rescued Snowie.  He took her into his home and he and his wife Bobbie loved on her and showed her that not all humans are like the one that tossed her away because she was pregnant.

Because of his efforts the two tiny babies I am now bottle feeding have a chance.  They would never have survived being born in the pound.  Never. 

Because Robert was creative and “did just one thing” hundreds of people have been mobilized as a Paw Angel force for good.  I never would have met Snowie without his kind-hearted work. 

So when you ponder the question “what can I do?” and come up with something that you feel is “not good enough” remember, the modest efforts of a few people can add up to the grandest efforts of one.  Every picture posted makes a difference.  Every dog saved reduces the sum of suffering by one.  One is better than none, and worth fighting for! 

Do what you can, however insignificant it seems, and your efforts will be added to someone elses.  Each drop in the pool will widen the ripples further and further until they meet with another ripple and join forces with it.

We are never asked to do it all on our own, but we are expected to do what we can.  Even if it is holding a garage sale and donating the proceeds between several local rescue groups.  Put those thinking caps on!

If you are in the Abilene Texas area and would like to join forces with Robert you can contact him several ways:

Sleep and Other Petty Things …..

Day three of my vigil.

I have had very little sleep but we seem to have settled into a rhythm.  Every two hours, day or night, I feed the pups when they start to whine.  I then lay down and place my hand in their basket so they can cuddle into it and fall asleep again.  It takes them a bit to get comfortable.  Once they are snuggled in I remove my hand and try to get at least an hours sleep before they wake up again. 

I stay half awake listening for their tiny cries.  Once they start to stir again I turn on the light and get their syringe ready.  By the time it is ready they are usually fully awake again.  I feed the one who seems to be in the most hurry.  That is usually Missy (AKA Miss Piggy).

Missy weighed 4.0 ounces at last nights weigh in.  Lambie (AKA Lamb Chop) weighed 3.7 ozs.  I weigh them each night to make sure they are progressing. 

My daughter and I have scoured the internet for information on bottle feeding pups.  We have learned a great deal.  I was surprised to find that the information was wildly varied.  It underscored the need for a good vet nearby who can answer questions and offer sound guidance, and who is willing to do so in a cheerful manner at a moments notice.

The rescue’s vet was very helpful and answered every question I had to my satisfaction.  I went away feeling more optimistic and empowered. 

I start school full-time on January 9th so the bottle feeding will have to progress to canned or dry food by then.  I will play it by ear.  I am not going to let these pups down no matter what.

Lambie to the left, Missy to the right.

In the mean time my house cleaning has stopped, dishes are piled in the sink, and the Christmas tree never got put up or decorated.  That’s OK though.  I can wash dishes any time I like during one of the pups two hour naps.  I can also enlist my son or husband to do them.  They wont think of it themselves but they will do it if I ask/demand them to!

All in all I think that not “doing” Christmas this year will be a good thing.  Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Yet every year we give ourselves presents and treat ourselves to indulgent food and entertainment.  What does He get for His birthday? A big “X” over his name in the word Xmas. 

This year I am giving him the best gift I can think of.  For the sake of these pups I am giving up the presents, food, parties, cookie making, and other petty things so I can do what I can for “the least of these.”  

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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