Happy 3 Weeks Old!

Missy is three weeks old today.  She has almost doubled her size since she has been with us going from 4 to 6 ounces! 

Her eyes are fully open and she is using them to try to escape from her basket. We had to put her in a new one with higher and steeper sides! 

I have several adorable videos of her I am trying to figure out how to post.  Please  bear with me – they will be worth it!


Sleep and Other Petty Things …..

Day three of my vigil.

I have had very little sleep but we seem to have settled into a rhythm.  Every two hours, day or night, I feed the pups when they start to whine.  I then lay down and place my hand in their basket so they can cuddle into it and fall asleep again.  It takes them a bit to get comfortable.  Once they are snuggled in I remove my hand and try to get at least an hours sleep before they wake up again. 

I stay half awake listening for their tiny cries.  Once they start to stir again I turn on the light and get their syringe ready.  By the time it is ready they are usually fully awake again.  I feed the one who seems to be in the most hurry.  That is usually Missy (AKA Miss Piggy).

Missy weighed 4.0 ounces at last nights weigh in.  Lambie (AKA Lamb Chop) weighed 3.7 ozs.  I weigh them each night to make sure they are progressing. 

My daughter and I have scoured the internet for information on bottle feeding pups.  We have learned a great deal.  I was surprised to find that the information was wildly varied.  It underscored the need for a good vet nearby who can answer questions and offer sound guidance, and who is willing to do so in a cheerful manner at a moments notice.

The rescue’s vet was very helpful and answered every question I had to my satisfaction.  I went away feeling more optimistic and empowered. 

I start school full-time on January 9th so the bottle feeding will have to progress to canned or dry food by then.  I will play it by ear.  I am not going to let these pups down no matter what.

Lambie to the left, Missy to the right.

In the mean time my house cleaning has stopped, dishes are piled in the sink, and the Christmas tree never got put up or decorated.  That’s OK though.  I can wash dishes any time I like during one of the pups two hour naps.  I can also enlist my son or husband to do them.  They wont think of it themselves but they will do it if I ask/demand them to!

All in all I think that not “doing” Christmas this year will be a good thing.  Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Yet every year we give ourselves presents and treat ourselves to indulgent food and entertainment.  What does He get for His birthday? A big “X” over his name in the word Xmas. 

This year I am giving him the best gift I can think of.  For the sake of these pups I am giving up the presents, food, parties, cookie making, and other petty things so I can do what I can for “the least of these.”  

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Computer Kitties

Today the kitty sisters romped on my bed with the dogs and discovered my computer lap desk.  The dogs were generally excited but the kitties prefered to remain under the desk  and chew on the mouse wires!

Daisy checking out Minnie when she wasn't watching

Are you my mommy?

Go fer her camera, I got yer back!!

Where did Tabitha go!?


Kitty Swirlies ……

I slept in late today and awoke to the sound of an incoming text from my daughter.  She asked me how the kitten sisters were.  I had to admit I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. 

She said, but what if  they are dunking each other in the water bowl!  Then she mimicked a quarrel  between them, “I’m the cutest!  No I am!”  <dunk>.

When I checked on them their water bowl was empty so who knows.  Either they knocked it over or kitties really do give each other swirlies when we aren’t around!!

Old Blue Eyes

Such beautiful blue eyes!

Another fun day with the fur balls!  They got tons of snuggle time between my son, my daughter,  and me. 

Every time I needed to take a break I scooped one up.  I think I get just as much out of our socialization sessions as they do!

We are really enjoying having them around and they are loving their little kitty kingdom! 

Another easy peasy day lovin’ on the furr balls!

We Have a Purr!!

At 1:47a.m. I heard a loud rumbling coming from the kittens crate. I turned the light on to find them playing with the  rag doll I  had placed in there with them as a surrogate mother.  No meows yet.  They seem to be very careful.  They are a bit afraid for sure.  I don’t think they have had much socialization time.

We set up their “kitty Kingdom” in the huge kennel we have.  Their crate is in one corner, bankies for climbing and snuggling are in another corner, then a litter box and food and water are in another.  That leaves just enough room in the last corner to lean in and scoop up a little ball of fur to cuddle with.  Blankets over the top provide privacy and keep out the cold drafts.

I am leaving them to become familiar with us and the sounds in our house.  Once they come outside of  their crate and get more curious I will spend more time with them.  Until then they play happily together and get two or three hours of cuddling and head scratches each night when  I put on my thick Victorias Secret Terry Robe.  The thickest robe I have ever seen.  Got it at a garage sale for  $1!!  Anyway, it keeps the kitty claws from penetrating my flesh. My son and I each take one and we cuddle and scratch them while watching TV.  They love it!  For now a few carefully planned socialization sessions between chores are easy to fit in my schedual.  They really don’t want that much attention right now.  They happily explore their kitty kingdom together!

We will have them for several more weeks at least so we have the time to let them get used to us.  My oldest dog, Cooper, stands at the door of the kennel and tries to get them to come out and play.  He loves other animals and came with two pet ferrets when we got him.   Watching them play was hysterical.  Anyway, he may think they are ferrets.   They don’t hiss and they aren’t afraid of him, they just aren’t interested in playing with him right now.

Some animals you foster will be so love starved they jump in your arms.  Others will be so neglected they  take weeks to let you pet them.  You have to go by the temperament of the animals you have and don’t try to rush them or cuddle them to death.  Some animals never become cuddlers!