Maternal Instincts and Play Pens

Because of my experiences with Tuffie we have started fostering animals through our local rescue society.  I wanted to help other “throw away animals” as I had helped Tuffie.  We started with a Mother dog and her five pups.  Sugar was the mom and then there was Taffy, Buddy, Precious, Borden, and Bear.

Despite how wonderfully I saw it playing out in my mind, Tuffie was NOT amused.  He stayed away from those pups and refused to even walk on the floor when they were around.  He did, however, share his blankie with their mom.

Sugar was a very agreeable and tender-hearted chihuahua dachshund mix that stole our hearts immediately.  Tuffie liked her and let her jump on his bed to periodically escape her five yapping pups.  He even let her recline in his fur-lined cat bed.  He’s such a gentleman!

A wonderful thing started to happen though as I bottle fed Missy.  Her little peeps and cries mesmerized Tuffie.  He kept one eye on her at all times.  Once, when I was an hour late coming home to feed her, he had stuck his head into her basket and pushed back her blanket so he could comfort her cries.  We came home to find him gently nuzzling her in encouragement.

She came to us a mere 4 ounce ball of fur and has grown into an 11.6 ball of fire!  Recently he has become more bold in his attempts to play with her.  He barks and jumps and tries to get her to come over to him to play.  She still isn’t steady on her feet but she follows him as well as she can!  She just adores him.

I got yer back

When she got a new playpen he sat by the side of it and watched her sleep.  Then he decided he needed to be in it too and jumped in to keep a better eye on her!  So maybe Tuffie has a maternal side after all!  He certainly liked being in that play pen.

It is true that everyone needs help every now and again.  But it is also true that everyone needs to feel useful now and again.  Even a little dog watching over an orphan pup.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us …….

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kathleen Davies
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 02:03:43

    thanks, I needed a bit of Tuffie today!


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