Long Overdue Update!

Tuffie watching over Missy

My apologies for being absent neigh these past few days.  I had not intended to let so much time pass between updates.  First I got the crud that was going around, then I broke some toes, then I started my Culinary Arts course at TSTC.  It has been a busy few weeks indeed!

I am feeling better now, my toes are healing (they would have already healed if I hadn’t re-injured the exact same toes again!), and I passed my big certification test at college so things will settle down now.

Life in Missy land has been very exciting!  She is now … are you sitting down???  11.6 ounces!!!!  She is a beast!!

I got my eye on you!

Tuffie, my chihuahua, has taken an interest in her and is  now her self-appointed guardian.  He watches over  her as she sleeps in her playpen.  He even snuck in it to keep a close eye on her!

She has started wanting to play each time she is fed for about 15 to 20 minutes (even at 4 a.m.!) then she goes back to sleep.  She is starting to wake between feedings to play a bit too.  Missy has progressed to a four-hour feeding routine now.  Such a big girl!

Exploring her new playpen

She has even started to growl while she plays!  I am trying to catch it on video and will post it as soon as I capture it.  My heart just melts when she throws herself on her back and says, “grrrrrowl!” and tries to bite me!

I can feel many tooth buds in there so teething is sure to come next.  In the mean time she is chewing on everything she can, including her stuffed bed buddy. 

She does this cute thing where she crouches down, sticks her tail in the air, then pops up and attempts a hearty “woof!”  It is too adorable for words!

I have tons of pictures and several videos to post so I will go get them up on our youtube channel and finish this post so you all can see how adorable she is!!

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1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. feyaia
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 20:55:27

    It had been a while and I feared the worst. She looks great! You are doing such a wonderful job!!!


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