Missy Pictures

Missy is doing fantastic!  She is a spoiled little princess and deserves every second of it!!  We have settled into a very nice every three-hour schedule. 3, 6 ,9 and 12 – night and day time. 

So much nicer than the on demand schedule when they were sick or the every two-hour schedule.  Neither of those ever really settled into anything predictable. 

But now I am actually getting a bit of sleep and we are all a bit more relaxed.  The tension caused by not knowing if Missy would live has faded and now we are enjoying having her here. 

She came to use as a tiny pup of 3.8 ounces.  We had gotten her up to 4.0 when she got sick.  Then she went down to 3.7.  I am happy to report that this morning she weighed in at 4.2 on an empty tank before breakfast!  She is  back on her bottle and off the syringe.

Here are a few recent pictures to  enjoy! Click to enlarge them and get a slide show!

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