The Big One OH!!

Today Missy (AKA Missy Moo, AKA Miss Piggy) is the Big 1-0!!  10 days that is – not years!  It seems like I have had her forever but it has only been one week.  One week of ups and downs and tears and laughter and joy and sorrow.  But very little sleep.  So very little sleep.

She is doing well.  She fluctuates between 3.8 and 4.0 ounces.  Not sure why.  We feed her every three hours and always top her off.  She has a good appetite and is starting to be more “puppy like.”

She is trying to hold her head up and balance on her legs.  I even found the tickle spot on her tummy that makes her back foot thump with joy.  She loves to have her ears scratched.  Rub her chin and she will squeal if you stop! 

She seems to be adjusting to the loss of Lambie.  Wish I could say the same for myself.  I am still hurting.  Yes she is in a better place, but I miss her little face and her tender peeps.  Missy is keeping me busy though. 

The other day as I folded “her” towels, blanket, and wash clothes and packed “her” baby bag, and took her out of “her” wicker bassinette I realized – I am her mother!  She has all the trappings of a “real” baby, bottles, formula, blankets, toys, crib, baby bag, and sleep deprived parents.

We don’t call her “the puppy” we call her “the baby.” As in, “watch the baby for me for a second I have to run to the bathroom.  Or, “when was the last time you fed the baby?” 

My daughter has expressed an interest in adopting her, that is if I can find it in me to let her go!  Either way I think we are out of the woods.  I hope we are.  I pray we are.  She is one loved little girl, that’s for sure.


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