One More Time

Missy on top, Lambie on bottom.

One more time. The answer to the question, “How many times can you survive your heart breaking?”  One more time.

I have sad news to report.   Wednesday was a good day for Missy and Lambie.  But Wednesday night was not.  They began to fuss and cried a bit.  By morning they had stopped eating and started peeping.  Did you know that baby dogs sound like little mice or baby birds when they are only days old?  They peep like birds and squeak like little field mice.  Lambie in particular seemed to not be feeling well.  When the diarrhea started I called the vet and we were there an hour and a half later. 

The doctor had warned me that puppies that young who had nursed for only three days off a sick mother would be prone to intestinal infection.  He also warned me that bottle fed pups could go down hill alarmingly fast.    

Lambie, being the smaller of the two, got sick very fast.  She got a shot of antibiotics and they tube fed her.  She seemed to rally.  Missy was not as bad.  She got a shot as well, and a tube feeding, and she was miserable.  She cried the whole way home.

I stayed up all night watching them both.  They cried but seemed comforted when I cuddled them.  I continued to tube feed them and they seemed better with each feeding.  Lambie seemed better and went to sleep gently peeping with each breath, almost like a tiny snore.  She went to sleep and did not wake up.  What I had taken for improvement was not.  She passed about 5:30 in the morning.

Lambie left, Missy right.

I can not tell you how badly my heart was torn.  I had tended to this little angel for days.  Hand feeding her, tube feeding her, cleaning her, keeping her warm and safe.  It was as if I had lost a child.

Missy had a fitful night but woke with an appetite.  She continues to eat heartily now.  It seems the antibiotics were administered in enough time to help her.  But the poor dear is a cuddler.  She misses her sisters and her mother.  She has taken the loss of lambie very hard.  She peeps and searches for her in her crib.  I had to place a small stuffed toy dog in the crib with her so she could cuddle with it for solace.  It is sad to watch.

She has continued to improve all day today and seems to be back to her old self.  I have held her and cuddled her as much as I could.  Perhaps when her eyes open the sight of us will comfort her as well.  It is hard to be blind and deaf and not able to find the warm bodies that you cuddled with before. 

It just breaks my heart.  But I carry on – no time for tears.  One sweet baby left, three sweet angels in heaven with their Mommy.  Team Snowie carries on.

Missy is strong, has a good appetite, and is sleeping soundly with her new stuffed friend. 


We could both use your prayers if you are of a mind to send them up for us.  She is lonely and I am heartsick.


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