The Unwanted Puppy Page

When people say “What can I do to help?” the Unwanted Puppy Page comes to mind.  It is a prime example of how a little creativity and a lot of heart can rally a community together and turn it into a force for good.  As Robert has proved, you don’t have to start your own facility to proudly support the rescue organizations that are already in place!

Robert, the man behind the page, is a volunteer at the local SPCA.  He takes pictures of animals needing homes, supports the local no-kill rescue organization (Rescue The Animals) and even fosters animals (in his spare time!).   Even though he is not a plump man, he donned a red suit and played Santa at PetSmart during a recent adoption drive. 

Robert is the kind soul who rescued Snowie.  He took her into his home and he and his wife Bobbie loved on her and showed her that not all humans are like the one that tossed her away because she was pregnant.

Because of his efforts the two tiny babies I am now bottle feeding have a chance.  They would never have survived being born in the pound.  Never. 

Because Robert was creative and “did just one thing” hundreds of people have been mobilized as a Paw Angel force for good.  I never would have met Snowie without his kind-hearted work. 

So when you ponder the question “what can I do?” and come up with something that you feel is “not good enough” remember, the modest efforts of a few people can add up to the grandest efforts of one.  Every picture posted makes a difference.  Every dog saved reduces the sum of suffering by one.  One is better than none, and worth fighting for! 

Do what you can, however insignificant it seems, and your efforts will be added to someone elses.  Each drop in the pool will widen the ripples further and further until they meet with another ripple and join forces with it.

We are never asked to do it all on our own, but we are expected to do what we can.  Even if it is holding a garage sale and donating the proceeds between several local rescue groups.  Put those thinking caps on!

If you are in the Abilene Texas area and would like to join forces with Robert you can contact him several ways:

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