Sleep and Other Petty Things …..

Day three of my vigil.

I have had very little sleep but we seem to have settled into a rhythm.  Every two hours, day or night, I feed the pups when they start to whine.  I then lay down and place my hand in their basket so they can cuddle into it and fall asleep again.  It takes them a bit to get comfortable.  Once they are snuggled in I remove my hand and try to get at least an hours sleep before they wake up again. 

I stay half awake listening for their tiny cries.  Once they start to stir again I turn on the light and get their syringe ready.  By the time it is ready they are usually fully awake again.  I feed the one who seems to be in the most hurry.  That is usually Missy (AKA Miss Piggy).

Missy weighed 4.0 ounces at last nights weigh in.  Lambie (AKA Lamb Chop) weighed 3.7 ozs.  I weigh them each night to make sure they are progressing. 

My daughter and I have scoured the internet for information on bottle feeding pups.  We have learned a great deal.  I was surprised to find that the information was wildly varied.  It underscored the need for a good vet nearby who can answer questions and offer sound guidance, and who is willing to do so in a cheerful manner at a moments notice.

The rescue’s vet was very helpful and answered every question I had to my satisfaction.  I went away feeling more optimistic and empowered. 

I start school full-time on January 9th so the bottle feeding will have to progress to canned or dry food by then.  I will play it by ear.  I am not going to let these pups down no matter what.

Lambie to the left, Missy to the right.

In the mean time my house cleaning has stopped, dishes are piled in the sink, and the Christmas tree never got put up or decorated.  That’s OK though.  I can wash dishes any time I like during one of the pups two hour naps.  I can also enlist my son or husband to do them.  They wont think of it themselves but they will do it if I ask/demand them to!

All in all I think that not “doing” Christmas this year will be a good thing.  Christmas is a celebration of Jesus’ birthday. Yet every year we give ourselves presents and treat ourselves to indulgent food and entertainment.  What does He get for His birthday? A big “X” over his name in the word Xmas. 

This year I am giving him the best gift I can think of.  For the sake of these pups I am giving up the presents, food, parties, cookie making, and other petty things so I can do what I can for “the least of these.”  

Happy Birthday Jesus!

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