We Have a Purr!!

At 1:47a.m. I heard a loud rumbling coming from the kittens crate. I turned the light on to find them playing with the  rag doll I  had placed in there with them as a surrogate mother.  No meows yet.  They seem to be very careful.  They are a bit afraid for sure.  I don’t think they have had much socialization time.

We set up their “kitty Kingdom” in the huge kennel we have.  Their crate is in one corner, bankies for climbing and snuggling are in another corner, then a litter box and food and water are in another.  That leaves just enough room in the last corner to lean in and scoop up a little ball of fur to cuddle with.  Blankets over the top provide privacy and keep out the cold drafts.

I am leaving them to become familiar with us and the sounds in our house.  Once they come outside of  their crate and get more curious I will spend more time with them.  Until then they play happily together and get two or three hours of cuddling and head scratches each night when  I put on my thick Victorias Secret Terry Robe.  The thickest robe I have ever seen.  Got it at a garage sale for  $1!!  Anyway, it keeps the kitty claws from penetrating my flesh. My son and I each take one and we cuddle and scratch them while watching TV.  They love it!  For now a few carefully planned socialization sessions between chores are easy to fit in my schedual.  They really don’t want that much attention right now.  They happily explore their kitty kingdom together!

We will have them for several more weeks at least so we have the time to let them get used to us.  My oldest dog, Cooper, stands at the door of the kennel and tries to get them to come out and play.  He loves other animals and came with two pet ferrets when we got him.   Watching them play was hysterical.  Anyway, he may think they are ferrets.   They don’t hiss and they aren’t afraid of him, they just aren’t interested in playing with him right now.

Some animals you foster will be so love starved they jump in your arms.  Others will be so neglected they  take weeks to let you pet them.  You have to go by the temperament of the animals you have and don’t try to rush them or cuddle them to death.  Some animals never become cuddlers!

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