The Kitten Sisters

Minnie & Tabitha

We picked our new foster kittens today on the way home from bowling practice. They had no names, but it didn’t take me long  to figure some out!  Minnie is one of the tiniest kittens I have ever seen.  She is easily half the size of her sister.  I am sure she must be the runt.  She fits in one hand.

Tabitha (A  more elegant version of Tabby) Is the scaredy cat (pun intended) of the pair.  She cowers behind Minnie and stays in the back of the crate for the most part.  I took her on as my son is convinced she “doesn’t like him.” 

 His youth and agility make him better suited to deal with Minnie anyway.  When you get her to venture  out of her crate she is suddenly on safari.  Not a corner of the room is left unexplored.

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