Canned Food & Tuffie Toots

Tuffie is feeling much better now.  The antibiotics fixed him right up!  One thing though, he is still wanting his special canned food even though he’s better.  Usually he goes right back to the dry, which he loves, but he is still begging for the canned.

I talked to the vet and she said that, given his touchy stomach, the canned would be a nice treat for him.  She suggested I give him a generous spoonful each night before bed.  Great idea right?  He gets what he wants and I get a little more nutrition down his gullet – it’s a win-win right? Not really.

See, the canned stuff makes Tuffie …. Toot.  It didn’t last time, but this time, whoa Nelly!  It makes me think about the old saying “He can eat crackers in my bed any time.”  Which of course means this guy is so awesome you can overlook just about anything.  I was watching the new “Next Food Network Star” and Alton Brown said of one contestant (who has a habit of dissolving into tears) “If she keeps cooking like this she can cry as much as she likes.”  Same thing as the cracker comment.  This girls ribs had him sucking his fingers like a toddler.

There are very few people I would excuse for gassiness, Tuffie is of course one of them.  The cracker thing – I don’t know. I have a princess and the pea complex – I simply hate even the tiniest bit of anything on my sheets when I sleep.  If there was a pea between the mattress and the box spring I guarantee I would feel it!

So this is a test of my devotion, isn’t it?  How do you know when you are really in love and committed to someone?  It’s the cracker test, the toot test, and even the dirty socks on the floor test.  How much you will excuse them for is in direct proportion to how much you love them.  When you think about your children you have to admit you let them get away with things you would bust other people for doing.  It’s cause you love them more.

Now, I have to say, my one bad habit is tossing and turning at night.  I roll and flip and tie myself up in my blankets in an effort to cool off and get comfy.  At first Tuffie did not like this – AT ALL.  He would get very annoyed and even growl at me.  But now he takes it in stride and he sleeps right through it most nights.  I think that is a measure of how much he has grown to accept me and my quirks.

So the moment of truth comes when Tuffie bounces around in the kitchen before bed each night waiting expectantly for his spoonful of canned food.  I KNOW he loves it.  I KNOW we are about to go to bed and be in close proximity to each other.  I KNOW it is going to make him toot.  But because I love him he gets his scoop of food.  He gobbles it up, jumps in my arms, and off to bed we go.

Tuffies bankie nest is right by my pillow so I have learned to sleep upside down.

I don’t know about crackers, but he can eat canned food in my bed any time.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us …….


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