Dead Squirrels & Chicken Fingers

Tuffie has been to the vets again today.  I had him there two days ago as well.  We thought it was his allergies but it turned out to be a stomach and intestinal infection. 

Poor guy has always had a touchy stomach.  It must have been all those tasty dinners of dead birds and garbage he ate when he was abandoned. 

He simply can not eat anything off his diet or he gets sick.  That chicken finger he stole from my plate last night didn’t help I’m sure.  That boy is fast.

When I grilled myself a lovely sirloin steak this morning and Tuffie showed very little interest I knew something was wrong.

The vet gave us a last minute appointment and fixed him up with nausea shot, an antibiotic shot, and a vial of pills to take twice a day for the next week.  Hopefully it works because the vet is going on vacation next week.  They did not check this out with me.  I told his wife next time they had to as this was a very bad time for me.  She just laughed.  Apparently I wasn’t the only person who had told them that this week!

So Tuffie is home now, sleeping in my lap, moaning ever so slightly with each breath he takes.  That boy sure knows how to milk a good illness for all its worth.  He has my heart for sure; I wouldn’t leave his side even if the house burned down around me.  This is my Tuffie Doodle we’re talking about!

My daughter remarked, as she drove us home from the vets, that since she got married three weeks ago I got rid of her medical bills (which were SUBSTANTIAL) but now I have Tuffie.  He seems to be the canine version of my daughter (only with a much better temperament!)

I got to thinking about people we love and our responsibility to take care of them.  When you think about it in this country you can get rid of a child just as easily as a dog.  You can kill it before it is born or sign it away after it is born.  Same thing with a dog.

There was no one holding a gun to my head as I turned that car around July 4th, 2010 to investigate the ragged, filthy, emaciated stray that almost ran in front of my car.  Only my compassion.  Only my humanity.  Only my desire to help all living things and to “do unto others” as we are instructed to.  In my eyes that includes dogs by the side of the road, baby birds that have fallen from a nest, and even worms stranded in puddles.

The care and concern at our home is a two way street though.  Tuffie takes care of me when I am under the weather too.  A few weeks ago when I caught the stomach bug that was going around Tuffie stuck by my side and never left me.  He sensed my need to be comforted too.

Seems I’m not the only one who needs TLC when they are sick.  Tuffie is clinging to me so tightly right now I feel like we are super glued together.  But that’s OK.  Everyone has their moments.  Last week it was his turn, this week it’s mine.  Everyone needs help every now and again.  Even a little dog.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us …….


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