Nuck, Nuck, Nuckin’ on Heaven’s Door

Tuffie is a bankie-holic.  He has needed a bankie for comfort since the day we found him.  In the beginning it was a big soft blankie we refer to as “the fluffy.”  He needed it to cushion his little bones as he slept.  Once he put on some weight we got him one of his own.  This we refer to as simply “Bankie.”  He comforts himself by burrowing deep under bankie and hiding.  He also nucks.

What is nucking you ask?  Nucking is a combination of nibbling and sucking, therefore we combined the two words into one: nucking.  When does Tuffie nuck?  When he is excited, when he is anxious, or even when he is feeling protective.  Some times he “guards” me by putting his back to me and pointing himself at the door.  Then he sits there frozen, staring at it to make sure no one comes in to kill me.  It is all quite comical really.

It would be down right funny if it weren’t for the fact that nucking results in wet blankets.  So if he strays from Bankie or The Fluffy, well, I end up with a wet blanket on my bed.  Not cool.

Many a night I have gone to bed only to roll over on a cold, wet, damp spot on my blanket that jolts me back to consciousness.  I glare at Tuffie but he acts very innocent and usually starts to nuck on his bankie to try to prove he didn’t do it.

He tries to act so big and tough, hence the name Tuffie, but underneath he is just a big, snarling, bankie sucking, nuckaholic.  He tries to keep up the pretense all the same.

My soft hearted little nuckster.  My little nuckasaurus.  My little nucker bunny.  Tough on the outside, soft and needy on the inside.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us ………..


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