Thunder, Brain Hunters, & Hail

Tuffie does NOT like thunder.  I suppose it is because he used to live outside and had to find shelter when it rained. 

Watching a raging storm from the comfort of your couch out your picture window is nice.  Watching a raging storm from under a porch in the middle of it all is not.

About a week ago it rained really hard.  The heavy, pelting, thunder backed kind of rain that makes you tired just listening to it.  I was sitting on my bed doing some computer work when a particularly violent thunder boom rocked the house.  Suddenly there was a dog landing in my lap as if he dropped from the ceiling.  It was Tuffie.

He was shaking so hard he almost vibrated off my lap.  I felt sad for him as I pondered how many rain storms he had to weather cowering under a bush or tree without the comfort of someone’s lap to jump into.  I hugged him hard.  I had to wrap his bankie around him and hold him tight before he started to calm down.  But he eventually did.

Then it struck me.  This little dog was scared out of his wits and who did he turn to?  Me.  He trusted me to protect him.  He saw me as someone strong enough to keep him from harm.  I was so honored.  I hugged him even closer.

Yesterday we were all watching a movie.  I had Tuffie in a blanket on my lap.  Now, I can’t watch scary movies.  They give me nightmares.  If they are bad enough they will give me daymares.  We had accidentally rented a movie that I did not realize was very, very scary.  Just a few scenes into it and I was covering my eyes and begging my teenaged son to turn it off.  He assured me that the worst was over and insisted I watch it all.  Dope that I am I believed him.

In essence the movie was about a bunch of aliens that come down to Earth and harvest everyone to get their brains.  I watched person after person have their skull cracked open like a coconut so that their brain could be yanked out, spinal cord and all.  I was terrified.  Yes I realize it was just a movie and the aliens aren’t real.  Don’t judge me.  You don’t know me!

Anyway, during one particularly bloody scene I covered my eyes and began to whine like an injured pup.  Tuffie, oblivious to the fact that the aliens were even taking dogs and cats, not just humans, was unaffected by it all.  But when I began to whine he looked up at me and licked my nose.  He leaned into me and tried to see under the hand I had covering my eyes.  He tried to make eye contact with me to tell me everything would be OK. 

Not only did he see me as someone who could protect him, but he also saw me as someone he didn’t want to see hurt either.  What an awesome dog.  He cared that I was scared.  After the nose lick I looked at him and I swear he smiled.  It was his way of telling me things would be OK.  I hugged him real hard and held him close.  Tuffie isn’t usually the PDA type but he let me hold him as long as I needed to.

We have an awesome give and take going on.  He is finally trusting me.  I am honored that I have earned his trust.

So yesterday we had a hail storm.  They started out the size of golf balls and ended up the size of baseballs.  Once again the house was shaken, this time by ice bombs pounding the roof.  Once again, a dog landed in my lap as if he dropped from the ceiling.  This time he brought his bankie with him.

I laughed and hugged him close.  We have an awesome give and take, Tuffie and I.  We take care of each other, comfort each other, and trust each other.  I hugged him through the storm again, all the while telling him it would be OK.  I mean, it wasn’t like someone was coming to suck our brains out.  It was just hail!

In this world it is important to have someone you trust.  Someone you feel safe with.  Someone you know has got your back.  Even if you are a little dog who has had a hard lot in life.  Even if you are a grumpy old lady like me.

Theres a little bit of Tuffie in all of us ……….


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