Welcome Home!

After a long hard day at the cafe slaving over a hot grill I love to come home to Tuffie.  Everyone else in the house tosses a random “Hi” at me – but not Tuffie.  He makes sure that I know how much he has missed me all day long. 

First he dances about while hopping from side to side in excited expectation.  This is my signal that he is ready to be picked up.  Some times I pretend that I don’t see him and turn around with my back to him saying, “Where is Tuffie?”  Finally he yelps in frustration as if to say, “Here I am!!”

When I pick him up he tucks his head under my chin, rests his paws on my shoulder and leans in to me.  He lets out a sigh of relief, relaxes, and holds me.  No really, he just holds on.  At first I thought it was because I smelled like bacon.  But when he leans in I hug him back.  I scratch his head.  I rub his belly.  Through it all he holds on tight. 

I know it is because he really missed me and is thrilled I am home.  I know because he does it on days I don’t cook bacon too!  I can’t tell you how loved that makes me feel.  Everyone should have the chance to feel this needed, wanted, and loved.

In this world with all its cares, troubles, disappointments, trials, and betrayals everyone needs someone they can hold on to.  Everyone deserves someone who wants to hold on to them.  Even a little dog.  Even me.  Isn’t it wonderful when you find that someone.  Even if it is a little dog.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us …….


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