Bed Hog

Tuffie is a bed hog – plain and simple.

When we first brought him home he couldn’t stand to be touched.  It may have been the pain of having his bones sticking out of his skin with no fat to pad them.  It could have been he just didn’t like to be touched.  Either way, when Tuffie slept it was on the fluffiest, softest blanket we could find.  He curled into a ball and slept on the other side of the bed.  He slept with one eye open as best he could since he was exhausted from malnutrition and fear.

Fast forward to today.

Tuffie knows me very well now.  He knows I won’t hurt him and that when I reach behind his head it is to scratch his ears (which he loves!).  It is not to grab him by the scruff and wring his neck.  But lately he has started doing something very different. 

He acts as if he has no intention of acknowledging my presence in “his” bed, and couldn’t care less that I am there.  This part is nothing new.  But once the lights go out he very slowly slides over until he is touching me.  Usually with his butt.  Some nights he will slip beneath the covers and stretch out as long as he can and snuggle against my side.

I enjoy his new found need to feel me sleeping next to him.  It makes me feel … loved.  I don’t know if he feels safer, or wants me to, but these days I don’t even bother to make his little blanket nest any more.  He will just end up by my side anyway.

How many times I have needed people but didn’t want them to know?  I felt that if they knew perhaps they would decide I was weak.  Tuffie, like all of us, just wants to belong, to be loved, protect and be protected.  But even a little dog has trust issues.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us ……………..

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