Independence Day

Tuffie is a small dog we rescued from oblivion on July 4th, 2010.  We found his half starved yet frisky frame abandoned in a field.  We almost hit him as he wandered in front of our car. 

“Oh look Mommy!” my daughter lamented, “there is a little dog that is nothing but bones!” I dutifully turned the car around and went to investigate.  We located Tuffie; he had wandered off to sniff a bush.  He was indeed nothing but fur covered bones.  His spine arched out of his skin and ribs were countable, yet his eyes still held a spark.  

He wagged his tail as if in anticipation of a treat.  I carefully picked him up and placed him in a plastic bin in our back seat.  This was when I first encountered his “endearing” little habit of growling which prompted us to label him “Tuffie.”

His growl seemed to rumble deep within his belly yet his face showed very little sign of it.  His face showed only a slightly concerned expression that said, “Wait, does this mean there no treat in my future?”  I looked at his gaunt little carcass and said, “My, you’re a little tuffy aren’t you?  In such bad shape and you still have so much fight left in you!” 

When I called the vet to make his first appointment they asked me what his name was.  I replied, we call him Tuffy.  From the bathroom (where my daughter was washing multiple layers of grime and mud off Tuffie) I heard her yell, “Tell the vet Tuffie is spelled with an ‘ie’ not a ‘y'”  The name stuck.

The rest of July was one long blur of vet visits, prescriptions, improvements, setbacks, and nursing Tuffie back to health.  In the end they determined he had been on his own for a very long time.  They decided he was about five years old and that he was no more than two days away from death when we found him.

Tuffie has since become my closest companion, my dearest friend, and my one true love.  My husband doesn’t seem to mind at all!  He is glad I have someone to confide in while he is working long hours. 

Since Tuffie has come into my life I have learned a lot from him.  I see things through his eyes, and I look at him through eyes that see things differently today.  What follows is a compilation of all that Tuffie has taught me.  The greatest lesson of all being –

Theres a little bit of Tuffie in all of us ……….

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