Maternal Instincts and Play Pens

Because of my experiences with Tuffie we have started fostering animals through our local rescue society.  I wanted to help other “throw away animals” as I had helped Tuffie.  We started with a Mother dog and her five pups.  Sugar was the mom and then there was Taffy, Buddy, Precious, Borden, and Bear.

Despite how wonderfully I saw it playing out in my mind, Tuffie was NOT amused.  He stayed away from those pups and refused to even walk on the floor when they were around.  He did, however, share his blankie with their mom.

Sugar was a very agreeable and tender-hearted chihuahua dachshund mix that stole our hearts immediately.  Tuffie liked her and let her jump on his bed to periodically escape her five yapping pups.  He even let her recline in his fur-lined cat bed.  He’s such a gentleman!

A wonderful thing started to happen though as I bottle fed Missy.  Her little peeps and cries mesmerized Tuffie.  He kept one eye on her at all times.  Once, when I was an hour late coming home to feed her, he had stuck his head into her basket and pushed back her blanket so he could comfort her cries.  We came home to find him gently nuzzling her in encouragement.

She came to us a mere 4 ounce ball of fur and has grown into an 11.6 ball of fire!  Recently he has become more bold in his attempts to play with her.  He barks and jumps and tries to get her to come over to him to play.  She still isn’t steady on her feet but she follows him as well as she can!  She just adores him.

I got yer back

When she got a new playpen he sat by the side of it and watched her sleep.  Then he decided he needed to be in it too and jumped in to keep a better eye on her!  So maybe Tuffie has a maternal side after all!  He certainly liked being in that play pen.

It is true that everyone needs help every now and again.  But it is also true that everyone needs to feel useful now and again.  Even a little dog watching over an orphan pup.

There is a little bit of Tuffie in all of us …….


Long Overdue Update!

Tuffie watching over Missy

My apologies for being absent neigh these past few days.  I had not intended to let so much time pass between updates.  First I got the crud that was going around, then I broke some toes, then I started my Culinary Arts course at TSTC.  It has been a busy few weeks indeed!

I am feeling better now, my toes are healing (they would have already healed if I hadn’t re-injured the exact same toes again!), and I passed my big certification test at college so things will settle down now.

Life in Missy land has been very exciting!  She is now … are you sitting down???  11.6 ounces!!!!  She is a beast!!

I got my eye on you!

Tuffie, my chihuahua, has taken an interest in her and is  now her self-appointed guardian.  He watches over  her as she sleeps in her playpen.  He even snuck in it to keep a close eye on her!

She has started wanting to play each time she is fed for about 15 to 20 minutes (even at 4 a.m.!) then she goes back to sleep.  She is starting to wake between feedings to play a bit too.  Missy has progressed to a four-hour feeding routine now.  Such a big girl!

Exploring her new playpen

She has even started to growl while she plays!  I am trying to catch it on video and will post it as soon as I capture it.  My heart just melts when she throws herself on her back and says, “grrrrrowl!” and tries to bite me!

I can feel many tooth buds in there so teething is sure to come next.  In the mean time she is chewing on everything she can, including her stuffed bed buddy. 

She does this cute thing where she crouches down, sticks her tail in the air, then pops up and attempts a hearty “woof!”  It is too adorable for words!

I have tons of pictures and several videos to post so I will go get them up on our youtube channel and finish this post so you all can see how adorable she is!!

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Happy 3 Weeks Old!

Missy is three weeks old today.  She has almost doubled her size since she has been with us going from 4 to 6 ounces! 

Her eyes are fully open and she is using them to try to escape from her basket. We had to put her in a new one with higher and steeper sides! 

I have several adorable videos of her I am trying to figure out how to post.  Please  bear with me – they will be worth it!

The Eyes Have It!

Missy’s eyes are open!

It started late last night and by tonight they were fully open.  She has even blinked them a few times!

She doesn’t act like they are very useful right now but as the days got by I bet she starts to get into everything! 

Oh boy!!!

She also tipped the scales at 5.0 ounces today!!

They grow up so fast!

Handling The Hard Stuff

Licking milk off her paw

Several people have commented on how hard it must be to go through a situation like this and commented on how in reflects negatively on the goodness of God for allowing it to happen. 

For those of you who haven’t been following I will recap:  We got a mother and three three-day-old pups to foster.  The Mother died 2 hours after we picked her up of complication from the birth.  We started syringe feeding the pups to try to save them.  One died the first night.  The second developed an intestinal infection and died a few days later.  We are still fostering the last pup and she is doing well. 

As I have said earlier, I am the most tender-hearted person you are ever going to meet.  I cry easily, worry a lot, and even rescue worms from puddles.  The smallest bit of suffering sets me off and I cry.  I cried while watching “Snoopy Come Home.”  Yes, I know Snoopy is a cartoon.  I can’t help it.  I empathized!


I keep going by doing the same thing I did in a situation that happened to me years ago.  I had a small dog, maybe ten pounds at most, who was attacked by a group of five dogs much larger than him.  Without thinking about my own safety I dove into the pack of dogs and tried to pull my dog away from them.  They bit at my arms and hands trying to get him back.  Just as I would knock one off him another would latch back on. 

It felt like I would never be free of them all.  I fought and fought and in my head I kept saying “don’t quit. keep going,” Just when I thought  I couldn’t take it any longer I stopped reacting and started acting.  I started to use my feet as well.  I kicked the dogs in the chest at the same time so that as I pulled one off I managed to kick two away.  That gave me just enough time to turn and run into my house.  I collapsed onto the floor to the sound of the dogs pounding against my door. 

Peek A Boo!

There was blood everywhere.  My dog was alive but in shreds.  I couldn’t feel my hands so I put my dog in a basket of towels in the laundry room and ran out the back door to my neighbors where I asked them to call my husband.  He made the 20 minute drive home in five minutes.  My dogs spent a few days at the vet but recovered fully.  Since I had held him above the pack they had not been able to bite anything major, just arms and legs and tail.

I was torn and bleeding but most of the scars have faded by now.  A few deep bite punctures are still there, but you wouldn’t know what they were unless I pointed them out and told you.  The pack of dogs was found and put down.

nom nom nom

So long story short, if that is still possible, I survived, my dog survived, because when the attack seemed as if it would never end I thought my way out of it.  I made a conscious effort to win, to fight, to keep on even when I was certain my dog was dead and looked at my own shredded hands. I was determined to keep trying.

God doesn’t ask us to help then say “only if you succeed.’  He says pray, help, give but never puts a condition on the outcome. Our efforts open up pathways through which he can work. If we don’t try there are no pathways he can enter into and he can not touch our lives and situations.

That is our job, to open the doors that let God in to the places that need help. What he chooses to do when he walks through those doors is entirely up to him. I do miss Lambie, so very much. Even the little one that died first (who I had tentatively named Snowie in honor of her mother) still gets me because I feel like I failed when she died.  But I didn’t. I tried. That is all God ever asked me to do.

Snowie and her three pups are all happy and healthy and romping around heaven together. I couldn’t ask for a better place for them to be. certainly much better than being down here on earth!

We cry because we miss them, but they really are in a better place – and God took them there, so he did a good thing for them – even if it upsets us.   The day it stops upsetting me is the day I have to start worrying about myself.  If there were never people or animals in need then we would never have a chance to help them.


The ability to relieve the suffering and right the wrongs others have done in their lives is a true privilege.  They bless us by accepting our help and our love.  I am not saying that God allows suffering only to bless us, because there is such a thing as free will.  If someone wants to take their free will and use it to starve and beat an animal God can not do a thing about it.  That person is exercising his free will.  But if I use mine to take that animal and heal it, when I ask for Gods help, he can get right in the middle of that situation and make miracles happen! 

As I have said before, when I started fostering I vowed to do what was needed, not just what was easy.  Not just what wouldn’t interrupt my life or inconvenience me.  Our society has become a bunch of big, fat, lazy, selfish people.  It is harder to find anyone these days with a strong work ethic or even any self-discipline.  Everything is about the right to do what you want when you want.  Well not for me.

Let's Go For A Ride!

A life lived solely for your own pleasure is a useless and wasted life (insert a picture of Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton here).  A life lived in service of others is noble, worthwhile, and grand.  Everyone can’t bring animals into their homes like I do perhaps, maybe due to allergies, but everyone can do something.  Find out what your something is. 

Pray, help, give, care.  Ask God to enter into the situations that others create by misusing their free will and he will do right by you every time.  Yes, sometimes it will hurt.  But it is what is best.  Those two puppies were sick and weak and had they lived it may have been a life of suffering and very poor quality.  I miss them both, but they are happy and healthy and whole now.  I won’t question the compassion of that action – God taking them to be with him.  After all, who better could you find to adopt your pup than God?!

New Paci – New Year!!

Happy New Year! Suck Suck!!

Missy has become very fussy and wants to suck even when she isn’t hungry so we devised a clever “paci” for her.  A nipple on the end of an empty syringe!  She loves it! 

This is how she rang in the New Year – happily sucking her paci surrounded by family. 

Never has a pup been more loved!


Got Milk?


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